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About Riad Dar Qdima Essaouira

You have many choices when it comes to finding a Riad in Essaouira so we never take your stay for granted.


Riad Dar L'Qdima, recently re-opened and with new management, translates to 'The Old House'. Managed by a mixed couple, Teresa (American) and Lokmane (Moroccan), Riad Dar L'Qdima is centrally located, clean, newly renovated and pulsating with fresh energy. Managing a beautiful, traditional Moroccan Riad has been a goal of theirs for awhile now and they are thrilled to welcome new and previous guests into this cozy space.

Having met through fate, Teresa a traveling yoga instructor stumbled into Lokmane on her search for Moroccan lentils in the Medina of Marrakech many years ago and Lokmane, a beloved tour operator and previous hostel manager, surprised by the request took her to a local lunch spot. Their immediate connection sparked a relationship that has taken them on many adventures together. Whether they were hitch-hiking through the Atlas Mountains trading chocolate and mandarins for rides, sharing a plate of spicy curry in Sri Lanka - Teresa focusing on the curry while Lokmane ate the rice (per Teresa's food restrictions & Lokmane's slightly picky eating) or beginning a YouTube Channel and social media presence with intention to share recipes, culture, language and their love, they're grateful for a shared experience of resilience, commitment, and pure joy. Having lived in Marrakech and Tangier Morocco, they now happily reside in easeful Essaouira.

Check out our YouTube Channel , Moroccan Recipe Ebook and other social media accounts by searching for Teresa & Lokmane!

Hotel Riad Dar L'Qdima is one of the original Jewish houses in Essaouira. Built in the 19th century, Riad Dar L'Qdima housed multiple Jewish-Moroccan families - each family residing on a different level. The unique design, history and architectural details make this Riad unlike any other. 

With their goal of bridging gaps, connecting travelers with locals and remaining open to the ebbs and flow of life, Teresa and Lokmane would like to warmly welcome you to their current labor of love - Riad Dar L'Qdima!

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