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Life in Essaouira

Welcome to the seaside fishing port of Essaouira Morocco. Nestled between busy Marrakech to the East and Agadir to the South, Essaouira is an incredibly unique and charming small town. You'll feel the breeze, smell the sea and hear the sound of hungry seagulls searching for their next fish. As you wander through the main square, Moulay Idriss or Saha, you may catch a glimpse of local musicians singing Zina Babylon or children chasing after a football. Maybe you'll smell the sweetness wafting from the popcorn maker or see local cats basking in the afternoon sun. Essaouira is unlike any other city in Morocco and the moment you arrive you begin to feel more at ease. Your life begins to ebb and flow like the tidal currents and you softly sink into a sensation of simplicity and tranquility.

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