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Riad Dar L'Qdima's Ancient Structure

Many buildings in the ancient Medinas of Morocco date back hundreds, if not thousands of years. These very old structures were built with regard for energy efficiency. Oftentimes these

older structures outperform new ones in conserving energy.

There is no doubt that within theses ancient stone walls we all feel peace and tranquility. When entering places of worship, whether in churches, mosques, or any others, where you're surrounded by arches, archways and domes, as well as cylindrical columns wrapping their way towards the skies, whether in the entrances or windows, these unique characteristics create an atmosphere of calmness, reassurance and tranquility.

Who likes to meditate? Perhaps you will find moments to close your eyes, feel the energy and peacefulness that embodies Riad Dar L'Qdima and be swept away within.

Hôtel riad dar l'qdima is a restful place to sip Moroccan tea, meet a fellow traveler and be calmly held in an atmosphere of tranquility.

Hotel dar l'qdima is the best place in Essaouira to take a yoga class, close your eyes and enjoy the surrounding beauty.

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